How does quote approval work?


You can now request quote and artwork approval separately in Printavo. You will be able to create as many approvals as you'd like in My Account > Approvals.

How Approvals Work

To request approval, you will:

  1. Edit a quote/invoice
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow on the right of each line item, then select "Attach Mockups" to upload files
  3. Click Save on quote/invoice
  4. Click Messages at the top of the quote/invoice
  5. Click Attach Approval and select an approval
  6. (Optional) Send a message to the customer notifying them of the approval

Here's a great video explaining how multiple approvals work.


Automation of Approvals

You can also fully automate your approval process with additional automation in Printavo. This functionality will save you a lot of time clicking and reducing repetitive tasks.

Here are some great examples of how to use our brand new Automation:

  • Automatically request Quote Approval when the QUOTE status is selected
  • Automatically change the status when Quote or Artwork Approval has been completed
  • Automatically request Artwork Approval when a certain status is selected
  • Automatically request 50% downpayment when Artwork Approval has been completed
  • Once an order has been paid in full, change the status

(Note: To access all automation, you need to be on premium.)

Here's a detailed video on how this all works.






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